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windryder28   (open in a new window)

Shy Quiet Woman
Update August; I've always been shy and quiet. I like to hang out with a small group of friends over a large group of strangers. I am looking for new friends and pen pals. I think friends first is the best way to go. Thanks for reading. I hope to hear from friendly people!

29 years old | Bellefonte, PA, USA

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peterporcupine   (open in a new window)

Darmok on the ocean

Gentleman and scholar, kind, thought-full, seeks small, sickly, genius-girl with one eye and a limp [1]. A companion through adventure and hardship.

History, science, literature, wordplay, geography, liberty, Classics, education, genealogy, philosophy, New England. Car-free, INTJ.

[1] Metaphorically or literally, it doesn't matter.

56 years old | Concord, MA, USA

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davyspwavy   (open in a new window)

I'm shy and would like to meet my shy gal :-D
I'm bad at describing myself..I change all the time depending on the day. I'd like to think I'm a nice and caring individual. I'm a very sarcastic to the point where I can be annoying, but deep down I just wanna have fun Its a bit difficult to say what I want in a relationship....there are so many people out there wit...

28 years old | Bronx, NY, USA

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upperairts   (open in a new window)

I joined this site to hopefully find someone with a similar situation in life.

36 years old | Worcester, MA, USA

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keishikorinzu95   (open in a new window)

Diversely skilled interesting young gentleman.
Hello, I am Keishi, you can address me as Kei. I'm fairly new to this site and social networking as a whole; I mainly joined this particular site searching for my other half; however, if I make a few friends along the way that would be quite nice as well. Here are a few things you should know about me...I am without a doubt a kind hearted person in fact, sometimes I am too kind to others and not t...

20 years old | Panama City, FL, USA

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ian81   (open in a new window)

magic 8- ball say: definitely
I would say I'm outgoing, honest, trustworthy, and dependable, my friends and family know they can always count on me. I have a quiet personality, and am more of a great listener than a big talker and happiest when helping others. I listen to all types of music and appreciate a wide variety of bands and artists, including within temptation, evanescence, coldplay, u2, and phil co...

33 years old | Bath, United Kingdom

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colombianpride4   (open in a new window)

Been dealing with some SA for a while now. Would be cool to meet others that can relate to that.

23 years old | Berwyn, IL, USA

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startingfresh85   (open in a new window)

28 years of age from the east midlands , uk , just checking this out

28 years old | Annesley, United Kingdom

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solarsolstace   (open in a new window)

Going to give this website a shot and see who I find(or who finds me!. I am an outgoing introvert and everywhere I go is usually an easy atmosphere and so are the people. I used to have social anxiety but I don't anymore, but every now and then I can feel when I would get it so I guess it's just a "back draft" of when what would cause it...

28 years old | Austin, TX, USA

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thecars1979   (open in a new window)

hey Im Steve, I found Shy passions on google and i just thought Id give it a try on having a date. I like to go to Starbucks, listen to music and go to the movies. I also love traveling. I work in the airline business and love what I do. If you have questions, you can email me too

41 years old | Ozone Park, NY, USA

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